your real estate assets


Is real estate a reasonable asset class?

It is the best of investments

Real estate is a great asset class for non-speculative wealth-building. Plus it is a great way for win-win transactions which enrich owners while also improving the community they invest in. 

It is the worst of investments

The only way to truly diversify real estate is to own properties in different neighborhoods.  But distance takes away control, necessitates property managers, and starts a soap opera cocktail of dependence and distrust.

reasonable (adj) : being in accordance with reason

We break down property management into measurable and controllable component parts so that investors and managers can reason about the state of their property and their tenant experience, try granular improvements and increase net operating income.

Are we worth your time?

If you own or manage at least 50 units, we can help you monitor your property, reduce utility bills, watch over and show vacant properties, identify and retain your best tenants. 

What do we do exactly?

There are some parts of our product  we cannot put on this public website yet. 

But there are other portions we can, starting with IoT tech for single family and multifamily rentals. Read on in our technology section, and check out what our customers are saying.


Our Customers

Our technology is deployed across a broad range of rental properties ranging from 200 unit class-C complexes to single family short term rentals. Here are some of our customer stories.


Our Technology


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