Cellular Connection

Why Use One? 

It turns out there are five key reasons why these low-power IoT networks make sense in addition to existing and planned mobile networks.

1: Money

2: Power

3: Spectrum

4: Reach

5: Aging 2G technology

What are the options?

Cellular add-on module


Netgear LB2120 LTE Modem. We suggest rotating a few of these across vacant units. Also consider these if tenant internet is not reliable

Cellular service

T-mobile's unlimited data-only plan for $10 / mo is no longer available. A good list of available plans is here.  There are other pay-as-you-go plans available with Twilio. 

Enclosure box

Use 10" x 7.9" x 3.1" size. This can hold a hub, a cellular modem, power adaptors for both and all necessary wires in waterproof enclosure that is easy to mount. You can bring out an ethernet cable if you want to use a cellular modem for backup.

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