You can see your financial assets anytime you want. 

Why don't your real estate assets have the same visibility?

​We digitized our real estate portfolio, and we think you do the same.

We analyze property management operations and recommend specific prioritized actions. These insights are derived from a patent-pending combination of natural language processing, machine learning and good old IoT.

We believe in the power of open source. We will tell you exactly what we have built. You can build it yourself, or pay us next to nothing to just use our dashboard.

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Our Customers

Our technology is deployed across a broad range of rental properties ranging from 200 unit class-C complexes to single family short term rentals. Here are some of our customer stories.


Chander Mishra

Anesthesiologist and Apartment Owner

Dallas, TX

As a medical practitioner, I see and shape technology used to monitor the subtlest of health indicators and enhance quality of life in operative, post-operative and elder care. As a real estate owner, I believe it is necessary to similarly monitory property health and enhance tenant comfort and convenience as much as possible.


So, Whats next ?

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